Let's take a walk buddy

• My Look •
HAIR. [BURLEY] - Oliver (XYZResizer;MultiStyler) TMD (November 5th) [New!!]
HAIRBASE. L'Etre. - Xoan hairbase [Light blonde] [New!!]
EYES. L'Etre. - Real Eyes [#69] [New!!]
HEAD SKIN. L'Etre. - Max Skin [Buttermilk Tone] Catwa applier [New!!]
BODY SKIN. L'Etre. Man - Belleza Body Appliers [Buttermilk Tone]
JACKET. [Deadwool] Genoa jacket - Belleza - run EXTRA District 20 (November 20th) [New!!]
SHORTS. Kalback  Original Shorts M3_FULLPACK (JakeMan Cave (November 10th) [New!!]
SHOES. [Shoeminati] xCanvas - Anchor - (Gianni) [New!!]
HAT. cinphul // porkie hoops [black] [silver] Shiny Shabby (November 20th) [New Release!!]
SCARF. -NU- Lethal Scarf 1 Shiny Shabby (November 20th) [New Release!!]
GLASSES. [ MUDSKIN ]_Forever Young Glasses # 2(Plain)
BAG. Nutmeg Bachelor Bag Black
POSE. RK Poses. David 1 @ MOM (November 20th) [New!!]
POSE. RK Poses. David 6 @ MOM (November 20th) [New!!]

• Scene Deco •
GAS STATION. KraftWork Gas Station Fameshed (November 1st) [New!!]
VAN. --ANHELO-G04-01-17BGA :: van Arcade (December 1st) [New Release!!]
VAN ROOF. --ANHELO-G04-03-17BGA :: roof carrier Arcade (December 1st) [New Release!!]
BUCK. Jian Fallow Buck Static - Walk Fameshed (November 1st) [New!!]
DOE.Jian Fallow Doe Static - Leap Fameshed (November 1st) [New!!]

• Other Items •
SUITCASES. Apple Fall Monogram Suitcases
PUPPY. Jian 'dorable Danes 11. Mantle  Wander Pup
Electric Poles.Serenity Style -Aegeas Electricity Rust Poles

Wife's Beauty Closet

• Scene Deco •
WARDROBE. {Petite Maison} Beauty Room Wardrobe Unit RARE [New!!]
PILLOW ARRAY. {Petite Maison} Beauty Room Pillow Array RARE [New!!]
GREEN BOX. {Petite Maison} Beauty Room Storage Box Large [New!!]
SMALL BOXES. {Petite Maison} Beauty Room Storage Boxes A [New!!]
BIG BOXES. {Petite Maison} Beauty Room Storage Boxes B [New!!]
BOOKS. {Petite Maison} Bookstack [New!!]
GLASS TRAY. {Petite Maison} Beauty Room Glass Storage Tray [New!!]
WIRE BASKETS. {Petite Maison} Wire Storage Basket - Gold [New!!]
HANGERS. {Petite Maison} Beauty Room Hanger - Gold [New!!]
OTTOMAN. {Petite Maison}Beauty Room Striped Seat [New!!]
RUG. {Petite Maison} Priscilla Shag Throw Rug: White [New!!]
ROMPER. {Indyra} Freya Romper on a hanger [New!!]
COAT. {Indyra} Irina Coat on a hanger [New!!]
GREEN DRESS. {Indyra} Kitt Katt Dress on a hanger [New!!]

• Other Scene Deco •
HEART BOXES. [ zerkalo ] Be My Valentine - Boxes
TECTANGULAR BOXES. [ zerkalo ] Black & White - Boxes
HAT BOXES. [ zerkalo ] Precious Moments - Hatboxes
FLOWER BOX. Ariskea[Little Pensee] Poenies Gift Box[Decor]
JEWELRY BOX. ~Bazar~ Glam-Jewelry box

• Scene Deco •
GOAL FRAME. {Petite Maison} Framed Prints: Goal Digger [New!!]
CHIC FRAME. {Petite Maison} Framed Prints: Tres Chic [New!!]

• Other Scene Deco •
WHITE WOODED PANELS. Fancy Decor: Plank Panels (white)
PLANT. Soy. Potted Pothos [Lsize]
DAYBED. 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Vanderbilt Daybed White/Drape (PG)
DOG. JIAN Splendid Spaniels 19. Floor Snoozer
FLOWERS BOX. Ariskea[Little Pensee] Poenies Gift Box 1[Decor]
• Scene Deco •
MIRROR. {Petite Maison} Vanity Mirror: Gold RARE [New!!]
NAIL POLISH TRAY. {Petite Maison} MARS Nail Polish Tray RARE [New!!]
CLOSED COMPACT. {Petite Maison} Compact Closed [New!!]
BRUSH. {Petite Maison} Blush Brush [New!!]
LIGHT POWDER{Petite Maison} N.A.C. Studio Powder: Light [New!!]
EYESHADOW 1. {Petite Maison} N.A.C. Eyeshadow Single Matte: Fine Wine [New!!]
EYESHADOW 2. {Petite Maison} N.A.C. Eyeshadow Single Shimmer: Cherry Topped [New!!]
LIPSTICKS. {Petite Maison} N.A.C. Lipstick: Flesh Pot [New!!]
COMPACT. {Petite Maison} Highlighter Compact [New!!]
GLASS TRAY. {Petite Maison} Beauty Room Glass Storage Tray [New!!]
MASCARA WAND. {Petite Maison} Mascara Wand [New!!]
MASCARA TUBE. {Petite Maison} Mascara Tube [New!!]
PENCIL. {Petite Maison} Jumbo Pencils - Peach [New!!]
BROW QUAD. {Petite Maison} Brow Quad [New!!]
PINKS PALETTE. {Petite Maison} N.A.C. Eyeshadow Palette: Pinks [New!!]
NEUTRAL PALETTE. {Petite Maison} N.A.C. Eyeshadow Palette: Neutral [New!!]
JEWELS PALETTE. {Petite Maison} N.A.C. Eyeshadow Palette: Jewels [New!!]
POWDER BRUSH. {Petite Maison} Powder Brush [New!!]
PENCILS CUP. {Petite Maison} MARS Jumbo Pencil Cup [New!!]
CONTOURBRUSH. {Petite Maison} Contour Brush [New!!]
ANGLED BRUSH. {Petite Maison} Angled Brush [New!!]
FLAT BRUSH. {Petite Maison} Flat Brush [New!!]
SHADOW BRUSH. {Petite Maison} Shadow Brush [New!!]
WALL DRAWERS. {Petite Maison} Artista Wall Drawers [New!!]
CHAIR. {Petite Maison} Artista Chair : White [New!!]
LAMP. {Petite Maison} Beauty Room Lamp [New!!]
SIDE TABLE. {Petite Maison} Reigine Side Table: White [New!!]
ROSES. {Petite Maison} Taylor Roses: Nude [New!!]
BOOKS. {Petite Maison} Bookstack [New!!]

• Other Scene Deco •
SMALL DRESS FORM. [ zerkalo ] True Love - Small Mannequin Dressed
BIG DRESS FORM. brocante. GBBC gacha / dress form REWARD

Let's do it?

• My Look •
HAIRBASE. L'Etre. - Xoan hairbase [Light blonde] [New!!]
JUMPSUIT. Clef de Peau.Victor Jumpsuit Ox (JAKE) Sad November [New!!]
GLOVES. //Ascend//  Trevor Bento Glove - Signature Man Cave (November 10th) [New!!]
WAIST SHIRT. *COCO*_Shirt-tied-around-Waist_BoyishCheck(pelvis)
SNEAKERS. Bleich - Mesh Wheeler - Vintage [M Belleza Flat] Fameshed (November 1st) [New!!]
POSE. RK Poses. Seth 3 (modified)

• Scene •
BLUE RUG. MudHoney Briley Round Rug 6 Republic (November 6th -20th ) [New!!]
ORNAMENTS BOX OPENED. [ dynasty ] - Box of Ornaments - Brown OPENED
ORNAMENTS BOX CLOSED. [ dynasty ] - Box of Ornaments - Brown CLOSED
FORM ORNAMENTS. [ keke ] winter ornaments in tin form (modified)
METAL BOX ORNAMENTS. [ keke ] winter ornaments in metal box RARE (modified)
LADDER. Ariskea{Australia} Ladder
TREE. Botanical - Green Douglas Fir Christmas Tree (Tannenbaum)

Smells like Christmas

• Inside Scene •
FIREPLACE FRAME. Ariskea[Andrea] Paysage Frame For the Loveof the Devil (November 3rd ) [New!!]
GREEN SEATED. Ariskea[Andrea] Side Seated For the Loveof the Devil (November 3rd ) [New!!]
CABIN. Ariskea [Canada] Mountain Cabin 6 Republic (November 6th -20th ) [New!!]
FAN. MudHoney Briley Ceiling Fan 6 Republic (November 6th -20th ) [New!!]
MOUNTAIN FRAME. MudHoney Wooden Mountain Art 6 Republic (November 6th -20th ) [New!!]
SOFA. MudHoney Briley Sofa w Pillows PG - Gold 6 Republic (November 6th -20th ) [New!!]
SIDE TABLE. MudHoney Briley End Table 6 Republic (November 6th -20th ) [New!!]
BIG RUG. MudHoney Briley Sisal Rug 6 Republic (November 6th -20th ) [New!!]
ROUND RUG. MudHoney Briley Round Rug 6 Republic (November 6th -20th ) [New!!]
PATTERN RUG. MudHoney Briley Fringe Rug 6 Republic (November 6th -20th ) [New!!]
LOG TABLE. MudHoney Briley Log Table 6 Republic (November 6th -20th ) [New!!]
ORCHID. CONSTRUCT - Phalaeonopsis Orchid 6 Republic (November 6th -20th ) [New!!]
HOLIDAY FUND. CONSTRUCT - Canada Holiday Fund 6 Republic (November 6th -20th ) [New!!]
CALENDAR. CONSTRUCT - Calendar 2018 6 Republic (November 6th -20th ) [New!!]
SNOWGLOBE. CONSTRUCT - Snowglobe Quebec 6 Republic (November 6th -20th ) [New!!]
BROWN BLANKET. CONSTRUCT - Cuddle Blanket 6 Republic (November 6th -20th ) [New!!]
FOLDED BLANKET. CONSTRUCT - Cuddle Blanket folded Display only 6 Republic (November 6th -20th ) [New!!]
FERRET. Serenity Style- Canadian Friendly Ferrets -Naughty RARE  6 Republic (November 6th -20th ) [New!!]
FIREPLACE. *HEXtraordinary* Rustic Fireplace Deco(c)rate (November 8th) [Exclusive!!]
WHITE PILLOW. Sari-Sari - Pillow (hold) Deco(c)rate (November 8th) [Exclusive!!]
STACK PILLOWS. Sari-Sari - Cozy Pillow Stack Deco(c)rate (November 8th) [Exclusive!!]
BIRCH LOGS. SAYO - From the Farm Set - Birch Logs Uber (October 25th) [New!!]
CANDLESTICKS. SAYO - From the Farm Set - Pumpkin Candlesticks (modified) Uber (October 25th) [New!!]
WHITE BOUQUET. SAYO - From the Farm Set - Pumpkin Bouquet - Snow Uber (October 25th) [New!!]
BLUSH BUQUET. SAYO - From the Farm Set - Pumpkin Bouquet - Blush Uber (October 25th) [New!!]
CANDLE. SAYO - From the Farm Set - Pumpkin Spice 3-Wick Candle Uber (October 25th) [New!!]
FIREPLACE NEON. floorplan. neon crime scene C88 (October 8th) [New!!]

• Other Items •
LADDER. Ariskea{Australia} Ladder
TREE. Botanical - Green Douglas Fir Christmas Tree (Tannenbaum)
ORNAMENTS CLOSED BOX. [ dynasty ] - Box of Ornaments - Brown CLOSED
ORNAMENTS OPENED BOX[ dynasty ]  - Box of Ornaments - Brown OPENED

• Outside Scene •
LOOK DOE. Jian Fallow Doe Static - Look Fameshed (November 1st) [New!!]
SCRATCH DOE. Jian Fallow Doe Static - Scratch Fameshed (November 1st) [New!!]
BLICK BUCK. Jian Fallow Buck Static - Blink Fameshed (November 1st) [New!!]
LOOK BUCK. Jian Fallow Buck Static - Look Fameshed (November 1st) [New!!]

• Other Items •
BUCK BIRD. Jian Snow Birds :: Percher
SNOW CLIFF. Soy. A Snow Covered Cliff [Tall] for large use
COVERED WOODS. Soy. Snow covered woods [Wood-C] -Low